The first time I saw the title of the book, ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’,  I thought, ‘That is the title of a book about me'.  My life’s journey has been marked by searching; for sanctuary, for a sense of home, for love.  From my youngest years, I have found refuge and reply to this longing in music, esoteric philosophy, imagination and a process of self-examination rooted in embodied contemplative practice.

I use the term “composer” broadly; my work finds form in mixed media collage, song and movement-based installation. I approach composition as a kinesthetic, in-corporeal exploration of mind, of space and rhythm rooted in the phenomenal world. I seek complete inhabitation of life. I seek to become the beauty I seek. For me composition is firstly about listening and feeling and en-training to a quality of space; the vibration of a sound, the texture of a medium, a meeting with substrate....

Honing vocabulary and listening for currents, this is my practice. Exploration of the meeting place of phenomena and imagination, stitching “internal” and “external” landscapes; the investigation, excavation and deconstruction of language: the words, symbols, concepts and forms that embed/embedded in this body; this is my practice.

A human being is a vertical axis; a joining of heaven and earth. The arts are a gateway to the lived experience of this principle . This process is a continual discovery of unexpected intersections and unity in juxtaposition, the building (and burning) of bridges and the cultivation of a collaborative relationship with space and time. I endeavor to update inherited myths through inquiry, imagination and articulation; to re-conceive ritual space as a non-dogmatic, phenomenological laboratory.

My research and practice includes traditional arts; (Aikido, Middle Eastern dance) shamanic practices (Essential Shamanism), musicianship, poetics, Butoh and photography. I am in debt of gratitude to Contemplative Movement pioneer: Barbara Dilley, yogini: Sofia Diaz, Shamanic Practitioner: Julie M. Kramer and Vocalist/Musician: Ethie Friend.

UnSung Studio is a place meant for the provocation of poetic, artistic and spiritual inquiry and meeting place for metaphysical exploration and diverse intelligences. May it be a haven for the dance in all its forms. 




*all site photography by R. Drouin unless noted