The first time I saw the book, Stranger in a Strange Land,  I thought it might be a book about me.  My life’s journey has been marked by longing. And from earliest memory, I have found refuge and reply to this longing in music, esoteric philosophy, imagination and a process of self-inquiry rooted in embodied contemplative practices.

I am an interdisciplinary artist, writer and researcher devoted to poetic and spiritual inquiry. I approach composition, in whatever form it takes, as an exploration of mind and a correspondence : always an improvisation and always a collaboration. Keen on the poignant tension of juxtaposition, I am compelled to traverse the distances between ideas, beings and situations, until I have found the pathways of their intimacy. My work is contemplative in nature and comprises processes and tools that I liken to instruments of navigation. Like echo-locators in a vast dreaming ocean, each project seeks to unveil the luminous mundane.

I make songs. I call them Voicings because they are a mixture of things that the word song doesn't quite describe. I make visual-textural arrangements. I call them Cartographies because they concern themselves with orientation, texture and ritual processes.

I am inspired to update inherited myths and re-conceive ritual space as a non-dogmatic, radically creative laboratory.Listening for currents: the investigation, excavation and deconstruction of language and meaning, this is my practice. This is a divinatory poetics: a re-cognition of symbol, an intersection of psyche and genius loci. My work dwells at the crossroads where imagination and phenomena meet.


*Drouin is my matrilineal name and my pen name.
*all site photography by R. Drouin unless noted