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My work is not predictive or psychic. The purpose of a reading is to gain insight and understanding into yourself, your life trajectory and the patterns and rhythms therein. This is about recognizing choice-points, the power of vision and crafting a personal narrative that aligns with your true nature. The process of a reading orbits around clarifying underlying dynamics and giving voice to the heavenly-earthly invisibles that accompany you on your journey. Divination is a navigation tool.
As your Reader, I am an intermediary, the interpreter of the cards on your behalf. Never does the information I convey to you trump your own felt-sense, but do remember that a reading can reveal information in unexpected ways, including dissonant feelings and uncomfortable intuitions. This is not a passive process! You are an essential leg of the trifecta that includes myself and the cards; learning to listen to and discern the voices of your inner spirits is an exciting part of this experience. In the case of a perceived error, I am happy to provide clarification or remedy whenever possible.

For those who are new to the idea of divination, a practical way to regard a reading is that you are paying for my professional experience, analytical skill and time/ focused attention upon your inquiry. I work to align and attune with positive mind/ benevolent energies to read and recognize subtle information surrounding your circumstance, on your behalf. My purpose is to assist you, using the medium of the cards, in becoming aware of, and thus capable of re-framing, re-visioning and shifting or adjusting out-dated perspectives. Thus informed, you can work with the natural conditions surrounding a circumstance from a more positive and empowered position. A Tarot reading can hold a lantern up to nuances, choice-points and junctures that may otherwise remain in the shadows. I do not guess at or propose to know what your future holds, I share in your inquiry and employ my skill set to serve as a catalyst for your own inherent knowing.

Your reading and associated name will be kept in my strict confidence. 


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Please allow 3-5 business days from the time of booking to receive your reading. It will arrive in your email in-box and include a PDF attachment.

An invoice will accompany your completed reading. Please send payment promptly

All transactions occur in USD. United States Dollars. $. American Munny.

No Refunds .

I am available to discuss any significant sense of dissonance with your reading within reason, however I cannot offer refunds for perceived inaccuracies. I extend my service and time with respect and to the best of my abilities. Readings are a collaborative process engaged for the purposes of revelation and empowerment, they are not therefore, a returnable product.

Please note that if I have reason to believe that you are at imminent risk of harm to yourself or others, the contents of your reading may be disclosed to professional third parties for the purpose of preventing harm.

A Divinatory/Tarot reading should never be used in place of professional counseling. Your reading does not offer legal, medical, business, or financial advice.

When booking a reading with me, you understand and acknowledge that I do not identify as a psychic and I am not a licensed therapist, psychologist, or counselor.

In certain jurisdictions, a practice of this nature legally falls under the scope of  fortune telling/divination. According to these, I am required, for my own protection, to disclose to you that readings are for entertainment purposes only.  In this circumstance, I must say that my orientation to entertainment is fairly unconventional. Do have a look around this website if you wish to elucidate this point. Tarot is a sacred art that I approach as a part of my spiritual path and practice. I hold it with utmost reverence.

Lastly, please forgive any typographical errors in your reading, my editor is prone to vacations.

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