Edica Pacha Photography                                      http://www.edicapacha.com/

Edica Pacha Photography                                      http://www.edicapacha.com/


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I am a girl inexhaustibly drawn to the underbelly of existence, the hidden way, the subtle and not-so-subtle currents that stir humans into and out from under the shadows. To that end, I've spent a good deal of this lifetime groveling around in the vaults of contemplative, esoteric and metaphysical wisdom traditions, specifically the sort that honor and encompass the sacred feminine. Bodied sensuality, dreamspace, animism* and the fecund darkness of the inner world are my home geographies.

My on-going drench in depth psychology, mythology, metaphysics and the arts is supported by more than 13 years of study and practice within a Bon Buddhist lineage, 12+ years as a somatic guide & dance practitioner, 5 years as a meditation instructor, a 3-year professional training in Essential Shamanism and a partridge in a pear tree.

For the cultivation of sensitivity, creativity, somatic and semiotic understanding as well as a ballast for orienting through and beyond neurosis during times of struggle, I have found an ideal medium in the Tarot.


*Animism ~ the understanding that natural material phenomena, objects, places and beings have agency and are imbued with a distinct spiritual essence. The perception that all things: plants, stones, weather patterns...even words, are animated and alive and that the spiritual and material are a continuum.