Feeding Demons : Reflections on a Timeline

On the Blacktop : Redline Contemporary Arts Festival 2014 Denver, CO

Denver, Co.
It takes a long time to build a box.  Box of hope and fear.  Four walls of canvas — 10′ square.  8 hours.  The maze of ropes and stones that threaten to bury us are our inner demons.  This project is named for the practice that it grew from.  Using improvisational protocols and set scores, we endeavored to invite our demons into this room - a macrocosm of mind - and into the light.  The specificity of the physical instructions, which included repetition, stillness, invitation to panic and the attempt to communicate across distances and without speech were .... really annoying.  and provocative.  and frightening.
and shamefully embarrassing.  and opened moments of utter quietude and beauty.

Thank you David Ortolano and John Cutaia for your photographic skills.