Divinatory Poetics:
Excavating & deciphering concealed files

                                    We know not through our intellect, but through our experience.
                                                                                                ~Maurice Merleau-Ponty

Because valuable files are often concealed...

In this workshop we will investigate a variety of angles from which to enter non-ordinary reality through processes designed to access the dreaming mind, memory and the unconscious. Using lucid (automatic) writing techniques to cultivate receptivity, tap imagination and access bodied intelligence, we invite revelation of the non-rational and mysterious: the images of our personal mythology.

Guided exercises and simple ritual protocols will help structure time and allow the creative mind to wander – with direction and intent. We will craft inquiries that engage the senses and simultaneously assist us in delving beneath the skin of phenomena. Using experimental and surrealist techniques, we then deconstruct, decipher and reconstruct our writings to reveal a poetic-symbolic vocabulary. Our mission: to utilize the evocative power of words to unearth and articulate the hidden currents beneath mundane reality.

This writing journey is pertinent for those interested in personal reflection as well those seeking a key to unusual sources of inspiration. At course-end, participants will have a body of material to develop and refine or with which to fertilize other projects, as well as a set of profound and effective pathways for accessing authentic voice and essential stories.