Movement for misfits, metaphysicians & merfolk


These 3 cohesive and concise 20-minute movement practices offer a lighthearted and enjoyable way to integrate movement into your day.  Each session offers a non-traditional approach to vocabulary based in Qi Gong and peppered with elements from Tai Chi and Bellydance.  They can be done in a small space, even wearing work-clothes if that's how you like it. 

Accompanied by a unique sound-score by music-for-movement composer Michael Wall, and filmed in the scrappy tropics of Providence, Rhode Island; the idea here is that the body is profound the way it is and movement practice is meant to be something interesting, delicious and part of an inspired life.  

There is a short intro video for each class to the left of Class 1 below. 
If you like what you find, tips are gleefully accepted. 

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