Midnight garden laboratories

These sessions explore meditation, contemplative approaches to movement and writing.  Some are available online.  Please Contact Me with questions.


         Deep Play: Contemplative Dance Practice
                                        1.5 - 3 hrs

Born from the lineage of Contemplative Dance Practice founded by Barbara Dilley*, these sessions combine meditation, movement investigations and the discipline of composition.  It is an opportunity to experiment with awareness, perspective and choice, alone and together.  We begin with sitting meditation and then move into the practice, which includes simple, awareness-based experiments and researches into compositional choice.
CDP explores the connection between stillness, the Four Postures of Mindfulness (sitting, standing, walking, lying down), creative expression and the individual/collective body. The sessions include; I Sitting Meditation (being willing to come back)/II Personal Awareness Practice (finding kinesthetic enjoyment/free movement investigations)/III Open Space (opening to Deep Play with ensemble)/IV Discussion & Observations.
Come as you are.
No experience with dance or meditation required.


                            Midnight Garden
                               60-90 minutes
Let go of tension, digest your week or seek clarity on a particular issue or theme in your life. This is a movement sanctuary that encourages embodied listening and open dancing within the personal framework of an activated intent or inquiry.

We begin with some simple grounding exercises. There will be a small altar to which you may add your own touch or an offering. You may focus on a question, draw a tarot card, make a prayer, write in a journal or just lay on the floor and breathe. The music will be an eclectic mix of rhythmic and arhythmic sounds to encourage surrender to the internal landscape.

This is being alone together; it is dancing as a sovereign individual within the fortification of companionship. Your movement is your own, for kinesthetic enjoyment and curiosity. I will be available to offer support in the crafting of a question or guidance in orienting to your inquiry.
Beginning, middle and end will be marked to help you track your journey. We will conclude with a brief cool down and closing circle.
Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely. You may wish to bring a journal.



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