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Welcome and thank you for finding your way to Nephthy's Gate!  
The Tarot is a navigation tool and a mirror, illuminating shadows, offering fresh perspective, and suggesting pathways otherwise obscured.    

Please READ THIS PAGE before booking with me. And check out the menu below for a complementary single-card reading.

My work is infused by a Taoist/Shamanic worldview, which embraces animism, the power of vision, the potency (and simultaneous inadequacy) of words and the beauty of imperfection.  In my reading, I am dedicated to reflecting the message in the cards as accurately and clearly as I am able. My work is thorough and infused by my art practice and deep studies of philosophy and psychology. Be sure to READ THIS and then simply email me with your request:




A single card can penetrate to the core of a specific question.  In the case of a more generalized inquiry, this reading will offer insight into  predominating influences; guiding your awareness toward critical elements in your landscape.



This 4-Card spread can offer insight into a specific question or paint an overview of the factors at play in a given situation.  The cross at the center of the spread is noteworthy in discerning the nature of the obstacle or lesson that  sits at the hub of a decision.



this 6-card spread provides a clear overview in response to a general inquiry, and will also illuminate specific questions with detail and accuracy.  It provides added insight into the relationship between conscious and unconscious forces at play in a given situation.  Invoke this spread to clarify the nature of interpersonal dynamics or to demystify a dream image.  In the case of a dream image, please include a clear description of the image in question.