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Welcome and thank you for finding your way to Nephthy's Gate! The Tarot is a navigation tool and a mirror, illuminating shadows, offering fresh perspective, and suggesting pathways otherwise obscured. 

I currently offer my Tarot Divinations in the form of a printable PDF document which includes images of your spread and a typed/transcribed reading that includes details of the relevant symbolism associated with each card, the meaning of each position and a detailed summary, which reveals a complete and cohesive picture of the revelation that has emerged from the collaboration between you, myself and the medium of the Tarot.
My perspective emphasizes creative empowerment and sovereignty, the potency of inquiry, the efficacy of simple and applicable ritual and the importance of inner-looking (which I often refer to as dreamwork).  I am dedicated to reflecting the message in the cards as accurately and transparently as I am able.

Please READ THIS PAGE before booking with me, then click the title of your choice to begin. If you have never worked with me before, you are invited to try a complementary single-card reading.

*Please note that you will pay for my services upon my delivery of your completed reading.



A single card can penetrate to the core of a specific question.  In the case of a more generalized inquiry, this reading will offer insight into  predominating influences; guiding your awareness toward critical elements in your landscape.


This 4-Card spread can offer insight into a specific question or paint an overview of the factors at play in a given situation.  The cross at the center of the spread may reveal the nature of the obstacle or lesson that  rests at the center of a decision.

This 8-card spread examines the nature of aspects of conflict or sources of tension in a given situation that may be obstructing a desired outcome. It is tailored for specific inquiries, but may also offer insight into the roots of a general feeling of inertia or aimlessness so that they can be addressed and cleared. It offers perspective in the midst of transitions, which can be disorienting and provoke resistance and trepidation. Invoke this spread to discern a pathway through the woods

This 6-card spread provides an overview and will also illuminate circumstances surrounding more specific questions.  It provides insight into the relationship between the conscious and unconscious forces at play in a given situation. Invoke this spread to clarify the nature of interpersonal dynamics or to demystify a dream image.  In the case of a dream image, please include a clear description of the image in question.



Incorporating a minimum of 8 cards, this spread is tailored specifically to the querent. If you wish to introduce an idea, an aspect of your spiritual tradition or a particular element of language or design or if you have a favorite spread you'd like me to work with, please include this information in your order request.

This expansive 10-card reading offers perspective as well as deeper insight into the dynamics at play across physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes. It includes activation cards that suggest concrete ways to work with awareness and ritual in order to encourage or catalyze a desired shift.