Edica Pacha Photography  http://www.edicapacha.com/

Edica Pacha Photography http://www.edicapacha.com/


Regan is a recent graduate of Goddard College’s MFA-IA (Interdisciplinary Art) program, (September 2018) a low-residency situation in which she designed her own course of study and research. Her focus during the three year program included mixed media painting, voice/song-craft, phenomenology and the development of an approach to the creative process that she calls Divinatory Poetics. Her portfolio document can be viewed here.

In 2015, Regan completed a 3-year professional training in Essential Shamanism–a contemporary adaptation of global Shamanic practices–with Julie M Kramer in Boulder, Colorado.

In the years between her formal studies, Regan attempted to become a professional photographer, which led to a deepening of her study of contemplative traditions, specifically Tai Chi and the martial art of Aikido. She supported herself working in galleries, as a fine art model, transcribing dharma talks and as ‘masseuse’ (certified by the Rolf Institute for Structural Integration).

Regan earned her BA Interdisciplinary Studies (Conc. Embodied Poetics: Studies in Language and Perception) from Naropa University, an accredited Buddhist University in Boulder, Colorado in 2004. 

Exhibitions include:

LeBonnton Northampton, (2019)  “The Threshold and the Envoy”

Zullo Gallery in Medford, MA,  (2018) 

The Ollom Art Exhibition NYC, (2018)            Colorado’s Arise Music Festival, (2014) 

the Denver Redline Contemporary Arts Festival, (2013)  “Feeding Demons”

Apogaea Arts Festival (2012)
BMoca Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder, CO. 

Regan’s writings and poetry has been published in:

Elephant Journal : “The Mystery of Divination”


Chrysalis: the Journal of Tranformative Language Arts : “Red Fox”