The Unsung: voicings from underground

The following works correspond to the links found in my MFA-IA portfolio.


6 minutes 10 seconds
audio recording
El Galope Retreat
Colonia, Uruguay
February 2016

This voicing incorporates the sound of a vintage organ
and jazz brushes on a drum kit.
The cadence approaches, passes and then heads away.
This is a song about movement

 2 minutes 51 seconds
video with sound-scape
  Filmed at the Bosch & Simons Artist Residency
  Chelva,Valencia, Spain
July 4, 2016

This piece is titled after it's sound-score. '
Juno' is a collaboration by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross,
 a digital single released on June 30, 2016 in commemoration of NASA's Juno Mission,
 which arrived in Jupiter's orbit on July 4, 2016.


 2 minutes 48 seconds
sound collage
Interviews and mix completed in
Boulder, CO
September 2015

A sound collage mixed using Ableton Live, this piece is composed of two interviews conducted in the autumn of 2015; one with vocalist, actress and vocal facilitator Ethie Friend and the second with musician, professor and shamanic practitioner Julie Davis. It includes chanted excerpts from a Bon Buddhist practice called 'The Eight Manifestations of Sherap Chamma' and a vocal appearance by vocalist Paul Fowler.


What strange landscapes! My own voice becomes a beacon as I settle into the drone of the cello. I call out and then listen. I hear things I am ordinarily too busy to hear. How does the body-beneath-thinking feel the place that I am in? What vibrations? resonances? Echoes? are here? What is contained in this grain of  time? What imprints are imprinting themselves? Like fossils in the geography of mind, they are embedded in me. This is a tracing of origins.


22 minutes 11 seconds
composed with the Arturia Keylab 25
and Ableton Live
Residencia Corazon, Argentina
 February 2016  

This minimalist,
digitally-rendered soundscape is
 a composite of samples and midi instrumentation.
It represents my first forays into the OtherWorldly sounds generated
by a fully digitized process. 


Each droplet clings, trembles and then pulled by its own ripened weight,
falls into space, regular as a metronome.  
My reflection is there,
 fleetingly, in the water before it plummets.
 The next drop emerges,
rapidly grows heavy and full;
 it's departure leaves a weightless ripple
in the air.


...There are undoubtedly few myths which teach so clearly the battle between instinct and reason...                                                                                   

4 minutes 58 seconds
Audio recording
Lyrics: Regan Drouin
Mix/Instrumental Arrangement: TLF
Bosch & Simons Residency
Chelva, Valencia, Spain
July 2016


A minor-key song
composed with
Ableton Live
a generous bit of wine.


3 minutes 48 seconds
audio recording
lyrics, vocals & music: R.Drouin
Arrangemen & production: Eric Davis
Providence, RI
November 2017

In this raucous medley arranged by
musician and producer Eric Davis, (aka.Feathered Mason)
there is a fuzz of distortion and atmospheric fills
over a loping instrumental phrase
juggled between keys, guitar and synths.
The embedded voice is alternately broken, then smooth,
then randily sensuous.
The medley shifts to a dissonant interlude with a brass section
and then finds its lope once again.


5 minutes 50 seconds
audio recording
Zeta Electric Cello, Guitar, VL3 Pedal
Providence, RI
January 2017


This is a simple, repetitive drone...


4 minutes 30 seconds
audio recording
guitar, VL3
Hadley, MA
July 2018
upon this linen chest,
grey man standing
on the near shore laughing,
there is not a sound.

 the waters take the craft
deep and silken.
as serpent of which he’d spoken, 
dives underground
there is not a sound.

i return to the place before conception.
i straddle the landscape.
spear chaos and eat her. 
she is a fish. 

and emptiness pours
in like night sea
as pregnant,
i lay on this beach.