Rooted in experimental, contemplative and ritualistic approaches to creative process/composition, these sessions explore perception and finding a groove with the undomesticated Other.


Divinatory Poetics is a term I use to describe a contemplative approach to composition, the cultivation of lucid trance and experimentation with modes of thinking and perception. It refers to the use of language, medium and ritual to open conversation and inquiry. By accessing the lunar mind, (right brain) it is possible to side-step the critic and bull-headed, bi-polar ego agendas and submerge directly into the
creative process. Divinatory Poetics describes the dance of our imagination with the undomesticated Other, (phenomena, beings, ideas, whatever is beyond the scope of our personal control). Embedded in this perspective are the notions that: 1) One chooses and participates in what is (subjectively) real by where one places attention 2) The gap or liminal space between form and formless, imagination and matter, silence and sound, etc. is where creativity is born, and 3) Conceptual binaries cannot ultimately convey the ephemeral, effervescent, non-conceptual continuum of unfolding life that poetry serves.