Poetic bodies

My working material is what was once called the passions; or the humours and what they engendered, that is to say the phenomena that appear first in our body, coming from the innumerable turbulences of the soul.  In other words: what gives us suffering. Or what gives us joy.  And the two touch, they are always in exchange...we desire to be poetic bodies, capable of having a point of view on our own destiny; on...humanity.  On what makes humanity, its pains and joys. ... I am sure we are all thirsting after our virtuality of greatness.  And it is without limits...And we are deprived of it because we no longer even know how to let ourselves feel, how to allow ourselves to feel what we feel.  Nor how to accompany this feeling the the song that echoes it and restores it to us.  
                                                                                                                                                     ~Helene Cixous (Rootprints)