In myth, the centaurs were of two families: The descendants of Ixion’s encounter with a cloud represented ignorant, brute force. The children of Philyra and Cronos, (of whom Chiron was the most famous) represent strength and nobility in the service of right[...] There are undoubtedly few myths which teach so clearly the battle between instinct and reason.
These two centaurian families live within me separated by a broad night river. I stand on one bank while the siren song from the opposite shore entreats and seduces me. When I arrive, haggard and relieved, after a traverse, I am at once aware of mournful cries from whence I came. Here it is again, this quest to reconcile and unite that which was divided on the plain of some remote memory: instinct and language. I am a messenger. I am a bridge.



beast and mind
will you penetrate me?
make me real?
heaven isn't far from here–  

dirty crooked line
vision is mind  
elixir in your eyes

bones and breath
inscribed with text
silver and sweat and words
bones and breath
inscribed with text
silver and sweat
and words

like dirt on a
window pane
i’m a dream of a
woman made of lips and wings
      a polished stone     
heaven is a thought
born from below

i’m listening close
through crumbling walls
can’t tell what you are
so i’m listening close listening

centaur centaur
creature divine
make me real
heaven is almost here