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                                                            CRAFTING YOUR INQUIRY
The way in which you make a request for assistance is an essential ingredient of the assistance you receive. Your query may be general or specific – either way, give attention to wording.  A question is an invocation.

                                   “Every query whatsoever has its solution inherent within it.”

                                                                           ~Austin Osman Spare



*You are taking a step towards yourself, to meet your life. Notice how asking this question
makes you feel. Re-formulate until there is resonance.

*Pre-conceived notions limit your scope regardless of how positive they seem.  Recognize disappointment and then prepare to receive unexpected insight from unexpected angles.

*Focus on a single line of inquiry.

*Yes or No questions are inherently reductive.  Frame your question toward gaining insight rather than  focussing on a projected outcome.

*I read for general time-frames, not specific dates or times. 

*I am not predictive or psychic. My reading is facilitates self-awareness, empowerment and a more flexible        perspective.  I ain't nobody's savior.  Nor do I channel them.

*Please keep questions about you and from your own perspective.

*I do not read for pregnancies, legal or medical issues.


                                                               GENERAL INQUIRY

*What aspect of your life would you like to focus on? (material circumstances/state-of-mind/relationship/vocation/etc.) The cards are a potent tool for visioning and clarifying outlook.


                                                               GLEANING INSIGHT

*I wish to receive insight into the nature of my relationship with...(person/situation).

*I wish to receive insight on my posture regarding…(relationship/vocation/circumstance).

*What do I need to know about…(in order to make a more informed decision)?

*What will lessons might I learn if ... ?

*What would it be helpful to be aware of regarding…?

*What do I need to know about…?

*What insights can I gain from…?

*Please provide me with a healing perspective on….

*What is the message for me in…?

*Please provide some insight and perspective on...(relationship/event/circumstance).

*What information may help me to make a wise decision regarding...?



*How might I draw more .... into my life?

*What might I do to create …

*What might I do to cultivate/support/encourage…?


                                                 REGARDING RELATIONSHIP

*What lessons might I learn from this person?

*What might this person symbolize in my life?

*What energies/dynamic would it be beneficial for me to be aware of regarding this relationship?

*What might be the significance of … in my life?


*I use the worlds may and might because...

           1. Nothing is fixed

           2. Your mind is a powerful aspect of the trifecta that includes the cards and me, your reader.  It is your perception of and participation with a reading that completes the process of insight and action that leads to growth and understanding.


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