the rIver sTyX

                             scent of water, rotting things
                                                                 the drag of silky strings
                                                                               I pull these bones and
                                                                                                                  against the draw.

what Impetus governs movement?  desire?  swimming through atmospheres, entertaining all the subtleties of subjective experience.  this body is a vessel that lies in wait beneath conventions and conceptual architectures.  it is a blueprint of divinity.  a map of buried freedoms.  

words are visceral, scaffolding of myth and poetry - connective tissue that conducts the destruction and creation of heaven and hell through the latticework of mind.

installation of "I" into the phenomenological orchestra.  i wish to move through, over and outside the fences of habit.  to unearth earth.  to place a magnifying glass over the absurd vignettes of unfolding experience....