Real poetry practitioners are practitioners of mind awareness, or practitioners of reality, expressing their fascination with a phenomenal universe and trying to penetrate to the heart of it.  Poetics isn't mere picturesque dilettantism or egotistical expressionism for craven motives grasping for sensation and flattery.  Classical poetry is a process or experiment, a probe into the nature of reality and the nature of the mind.

Major works of 20th century art are consciousness–particular experiments with recollection or mindfulness, experiments with language and speech, experiments with forms.  Modern art is an attempt to define or recognize or experience perception––pure perception.

A few Buddhist dharma phrases correlate with the process of Bohemian art of the 20th century––notions like: Take a non-totalitarian attitude, Express yourself courageously, Be outrageous to yourself, Don't conform to your idea of what is expected but conform to your present spontaneous mind, your raw awareness.

                                                                                                                      ~Allen Ginsberg