Strange Worlds

Shamans return to the world of the living with conscious knowledge of the inner realms.
R. Grimassi

Shamanic line drawings trace a path through ‘swaying places’ (trials and obstacles) marked by water, sand & clouds.
The Book of Symbols 430

Ascent origin = ascendere (latin) to climb, or freedom from weight. oft paired with descent. May signify the volatilizing of a solid / the spiritualizing of matter / making conscious unconscious projections. Integration of polarities: ladder, tree, stairs…in alchemy ascent must necessarily be followed by descent (shaman returns to body).

Descent may bring something suspended in the conceptual or potential into realization. It suggests burdens, sensuality, sensuality-pleasure/pain. It coagulates and realizes. It is the volatile spirit that acquires matter. Transformation in the dark places must lead to rebirth, (unless you get stuck or don’t return) bring back, bring up your profoundly tempered self to consciousness.

I might have spent this entire life wandering listlessly in search of a native place, a place where I would not feel out-of-place/outsider. Over time, I pieced together experiences from the troubles. Running onward after my projected hopes leads to more confusion and pain. Yet there are gates to strange beauty and mythical being, the echo and reverberation of existance’s uncanny mystery inside my own mind. Indeed, my imagination, the imagination, is an endless portal and pathway into the Other World of my pursuit. It is the meeting place of spirits, the seedbed of ancient trees, the clearing of the druid’s grove. The ladder descends into as quickly and endlessly as it extends outward into the stars. 

Here, poisonous pokeberry ink describes the below: the place that is at once disorientation and rebirth. When I climb out, I remind the rest of myselves of the knowing: how to listen to and hear the whisperings of the deep water that I emerge from and return to eternally; that laps at my ankles as I go about my chores and daily doings.