the Island

the Island

gold coin in the shallows

I watch him sleep

as he recedes 

he takes

fragments    of me


i am an island

you're the waves


will i drive him mad

just by being what i am?


what i want is forgiveness  

this prayer is nothing new

and the roots drop through


i hired the marauders 

at my door


i am the island

you're the waves


(unspoken stories) 

  run in my rivers 

poison in his hands

their unspoken stories...

                                                  will we stand

                                             or walk away

i am an island

you are the waves

                now empty has a name

viewed closely nothing 

is the same

and the moon god is our river

we are her slave


erode me


i am an island

he is the waves


want to stay long enough 

to watch ages leave their tracks

resting    on a common shore

a constant rhythm to explore


arms on the horizon

perhaps i am mistaken

beaches dry and barren

no words tonight but waves


i'm vague because 

i'm empty       at the core

and i am always hungry      for more


the tide is strong, it takes my feet

no place to stand i will retreat 

to the remotest realm 


remain intact as i am

this is how i know 

it's time to be destroyed again


i am an island

he is my waves