This fool flings                     
secrets at the moon
                                                     and rogue thoughts                                                       
alight on salty islands

This tether is frayed
reception's bad
out in the waves
static is thick
sound collides
against its moorings

This fool sends out codes  
and waits for a reply

Then finally from across
the broken bridge
a creature with
incandescent eyes
soft as the sound
of fireflies
gives answer (saying)

Temperance woman
temperance (t'ain't yes or no)
ain’t no dark without the light
can't have blindness
without sight

So pick your poison
tear away the label
angels don't
seek heaven
and angels
aren't afraid of Hell

Eidolon bring the
broken bits back on
mournful muse
rageful bitch
don't be better
then you already is

Step up rainmaker
and dance a bit for rain
what is needed, all is here
(ain't) no need for gain

Castles of words
and magic stones
will be the things that steal you
from underneath those
divine demon bones

This fool sends out codes
and waits for a reply...