just came here again

for the first time

just left desperate 

can't they hear me?

lapping at the jetty

waiting at the gates


i am reasonless

ain't no map here - never was

roads made of feathers

(under) hat wool & leather 

or june rain-run rivers

tell the story again

no disguise here

never was

lilac blossoms and

spring freeze 

the tide pulls back 

and there are holes 

in the firmament

     mason jars on a cellar shelf

like years gone by - read :

hungry ones will feed

tie them by toes under the eves

-i see you -

sometimes scars don't easily - leave

i am lying again

soon as the 

words leave my lips -  

there is something 

else here ....


of the way things 

used to be....

waiting for 

something else - 

is misery


       i am reasonless

so take your boots off....                 

bleed with me 

gaze traces

a line 

where the girl used to be

draw me again


it's easy to love

when the covers come off 

but this wound is weeping 

let it breathe


fall from the sky

and the the friction

is the answer to why