the Enemy



kingdom in the distance      

a place i built on time

but when finally i arrive there, 

sand stretches on for forever

and a thousand times i die


i hurled bloody spears and cut me

built walls to keep them all at bay

convinced that i'd found sovereignty

but i was blind as she led me away


i am the deceiver

there is no enemy beyond myself

my finger on this trigger

watch from the towers                      

there is no one else  



he was an evangelist by any other name

offered me salvation, i thought i'd found my way

my body wasted and my guts are empty

while the mortar of delusion remained

i never recognized that i was still a slave


i sold my independence

thinking like a child

but the fates now grace my tongue and fingers

so this thread is mine for a while



this ground i stand upon is yet another stage

i burn my script page by page

chains rusting on my naked wrists, 

churches of the state in ruins

another paradigm - lifts        


and i am always leaving

and i have abandoned my post

this house is always empty

and there is no one else


i am a receiver

now i meet strangers at my gate unarmed

because light will always shine through the bars


i am never the same

this island always in a different place

roof and walls - temporary enclave

but eternity is my name